At the onset of Axlepin's inception is our belief in man's so deeply entrenched in our earnest hope of instilling its value in our daily lives, that which initiated the dream to publish works of both seasoned and fresh poets/writers, bringing special attention to their intrinsic talents and natural ability to give life to words configured then to either prose and poetry with expressions of which go as far as the imagination takes; and now, many years after we have come to discover the virtual exchange in all forms of art that include photography.

It is thus truly awe-inspiring to beautifully crafted photographs from the sublime to the more perceptible. Read because, each frame has a story of its own so distinctly written within the images captured momentarily by the senses and forever etched in the memory of mankind...A parable in the bible reads so aptly: "In the presence of the beautiful the whole self quivers." It is with this thought that we presume the quintessential purpose of art is to bring one to the source of all life. There is indeed a perfect order and magnificent beauty in the universe and too, in the science of our body; the kind that has the artist expressing thus in his own perspective. Axlepin endeavors then, to bring this realization closer to the truth about the quintessential purpose of art this in the most sublime experience of art we call we continue to bring to you here in our website.

What merely began as a challenge only to attest to the innate literary skills of anyone who manifests keen interest in the art and aptitude for it, has now fully expanded with the success of our publication studies in Facebook that has AXLEPIN pledging support to the cause of our member artists/masterphotographers and poets/writers whose welfare we endeavor to take care of and whose interest and progress we hope to nurture.

To bring appreciation of all forms of sublime art closer to the people who will begin to see creativity in their everyday life, to showcase innate Filipino creativity and ingenuity, along with our fellow foreign artists and; to encourage support to further its development. In the process, we encourage the development of the mastery in arts; and the fostering of harmony in unity from the fruitful exchanges among artists/photographers and poets/writers from around the globe.


Alicia R. Bernal

Axlepin Publishing Website Executive Board

Axlepin Publishing Website Committee Heads